Patient Advocacy

Connect with patient advocates who understand.

At Diplomat, we understand that coping with a serious diagnosis can be extremely difficult. Sometimes, it can make a difference to talk to someone who isn’t your doctor, pharmacist, or family member about what you’re experiencing.

In addition to working directly with patient advocacy organizations and support groups nationwide, our patient advocates also create opportunities for employees to better connect with patients through educational programs that bring the patient and caregiver perspective to the forefront.

Patient Advocacy Resources

We’ve compiled a list of some resources that you can use. These organizations provide support and education and many have opportunities to meet and connect with other patients. You will find resources for local, regional and national organizations. Diplomat representatives often attend these meetings and can provide additional support and information from your specialty pharmacy.

This list will be updated periodically once we become aware of new patient advocacy resources and is not meant to be a complete or exhaustive list. Our goal is to provide a good starting point for your research into available resources. Please understand that we would not list a site that wasn’t credible or reputable. We at Diplomat are not in control of these sites’ content, and we offer these links for educational purposes only.

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