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A new kind of partnership for retail pharmacies.

RSN connects your pharmacy business to the specialty arena — with back-end services that help your business and your patients achieve their best outcomes.

Linked by industry infrastructure and powerful treatment-tracking software, RSN offers companies like yours a strategic partner for back-end specialty services. With advanced adherence measures and clinical expertise, RSN helps your specialty patients achieve the best outcomes possible. And with Diplomat, you cross into the specialty market with world-class patient care and clinical excellence at every step.

Endless opportunities.

Once you’re on track with RSN, your retail pharmacy can establish core specialty services. At that point, you can capitalize on even greater potential — partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and health plans.

Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy - Data Security

Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy - 24/7 Support

Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy - Improving Outcomes

Firewalled data to protect your interests.

We keep your specialty-at-retail operation separate from our own core specialty pharmacy. Thanks to our system’s design, your data is secure — even from us.

Communication aligned with your brand specifications.

When Diplomat calls your patient, we follow your brand guidelines. You choose how we interact with your patients.

Increased adherence for better outcomes. 

Diplomat’s adherence rates are far beyond national averages — more than 90 percent — thanks to a synchronized system of refills, renewals and reminders.

Detailed reporting to keep you up-to-date.

You receive regular updates, including MPR reports sorted by therapeutic class.

Specialty consultation, available anytime.

With questions from your pharmacists and patients, Diplomat offers help 24/7.

Business growth with no limits in sight.

RSN partners you with Diplomat so that both parties succeed while patients reap the benefits. You meet your patients’ specialty needs, and they get clinical excellence close to home. Talk about win-win-win.

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