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  • Just Keep Dancing


    November 14, 2017

    While I danced, I felt beautiful in the green and black dress I’d bedazzled with rhinestones that sparkled as I twirled. My back pain dissipated. I felt weightless, like I was floating through air. Most of all, I felt alive!

  • Self-Care and Creativity Fuel Flint’s Future


    July 31, 2017

    Dominique wanted to be a part of that narrative of revitalizing Flint. As a Diplomat Fellow working with Whaley Children’s Center, she hopes to change children’s lives for the better—starting and ending with what matters to them most.

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Kali Lucas
Public Relations Specialist


Diplomat brings personalized medication therapies to people with specialized needs such as cancer, HIV, hepatitis or multiple sclerosis. In addition, Diplomat offers back-end patient support services for national retailers and major hospitals and specialty-care coverage to millions of lives nationwide through managed care organizations.


At Diplomat, we blend clinical excellence with a personal touch — for happier lives and health that lasts.


Take good care of patients and the rest falls into place.

Dale Hagerman, Diplomat Co-founder

To us, achieving excellence means giving patients their best chance for happier lives — lives with more moments, more milestones, more memories in the making. The result isn’t just an outcome: It’s an impact. That’s why we commit to helping one patient at a time.
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Diplomat is accredited by a number of third-party agencies committed to best practices in the industry. Accreditations include ACHC, ASHP, CPPA, URAC, VAWD and VIPPS.

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