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Precision Medicine and the Pharmacist’s Role as a Trusted Counselor in Specialty Pharmacy

Pharmacy practice and the pharmaceutical industry are undergoing dramatic change. One area on the rise is pharmacogenomics (PGx), which is a part of the broader term “precision medicine."

Viability of a Dose Optimization Program Within a Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty drug utilization is increasing, as are the associated challenges around adherence, cost, and delivery of optimal value.

Management of Targeted Therapy Adverse Effects

Cancer treatment has made significant advances through the years. Once dominated by chemotherapy agents, targeted therapy is now a better option, with less-taxing adverse effects.

Diplomat is the nation’s largest independent provider of specialty pharmacy services—helping people with complex health conditions in all 50 states. Rooted in this patient care expertise, Diplomat also provides industry-focused specialty solutions through two brands: CastiaRx, which serves payers as the leading specialty benefit manager, and EnvoyHealth, which offers tailored solutions for healthcare innovators.


Specialty pharmacies provide treatment and intensive support for people with serious—and often chronic—health conditions. These pharmacies are equipped to handle medications with complex requirements around authorization, handling, administration, and more.


At Diplomat, we blend clinical excellence with a personal touch—for happier lives and health that lasts.


“Take good care of patients and the rest falls into place.” —Dale Hagerman, Diplomat cofounder


Diplomat is accredited by several third-party agencies committed to best practices in the industry. Accreditations include ACHC, ASHP, CPPA, URAC, VAWD, and VIPPS.



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