StrapWrap® and visor

We are proud to offer a special medical alert product for people with bleeding disorders and hereditary angioedema (HAE). StrapWrap® is a red fabric wrapper that fastens around a seat belt or car sun visor with Velcro®. A special form inside contains medical history with crucial information, which is concealed to protect one’s privacy until needed by emergency medical staff. Instructions for EMTs are also included inside.

StrapWrap® also can be used on a purse, backpack, trouser belt, bicycle seat post or anything that it can wrap around.

To receive your StrapWrap® or visor, please fill out the form below.

Due to limited quantities, the StrapWrap® is available only to U.S. residents who are members of the bleeding disorders and hereditary angioedema patient communities.

Available to both Diplomat and non-Diplomat patients and their families.

Thank you for your interest in the StrapWrap®. The information we include inside the StrapWrap® will be customized for you. Please expect a phone call from one of our representatives who will contact you to fulfill your request. It should take only 3 to 5 minutes of your time.

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